Sunday, July 31, 2016

🎨My abstractpainting "The Tears Of The East" has arrived in Dawn's home in Dubai and looks amazing above their bed! ✈ Many thanks again, Dawn!! I love it!!! Thanks a lot, for the photo and the wonderful words!! I deeply appreciate it! ☺ 💻
Another pic from Happy client and her beautiful house in London, UK with print of my Original Painting "When We Meet Again"! Thank you so much again, Ana!!! Looks great in your livingroom !!! ☺
Аlways SO happy to receive pics from happy clients !!! 🎨 ✈ 🌎 This time, from Mariana's office in NewYork 🇺🇸 "I LOVE IT AND SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE!" 💞 was her words! Thank you so much, again Mariana!!! Looks gorgeous and so perfect for your office !!☺
...And the lovely photo that Simone sent me from Australia and their familyroom with my abstract "Tears of The East"!! Thank you so much, again Simone!! Looks amazing!!!

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