Sunday, December 20, 2015

90'' Huge Diptych Watercolor Painting

Two canvas prints of my original watercolor painting ''Milky Way'' and ''Calm After The Storm'', as a huge diptych painting are almost ready to be ship to their new home in NY , USA!!! 💜 😍 Stretching, packeting, sighing and shipping of my last orders for this amazing year!

Monday, November 16, 2015

First Autumn Peppermint Creek Collective video!

I'm so excited and happy to be part of this autumn Peppermint Creek Collective video!!! Congratulations to all!!! Looks fabulous!!! Thanks a lot, Tiffany Dawn Smith ​!!! Love the music too!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Framed Original Paintings

PAINTING SIZE: 16.7 '' x 12.2'' (42.3 cm x 31cm) FRAME: WHITE Frame is INCLUDED. FRAME SIZE: 22.8'' x 18.9'' (58 cm x 48cm) MOUNTING BOARD: WHITE mat: 1.5'' (3.7 cm)
PAINTING SIZE: 23.6'' x 23.6'' (60 cm x 60 cm) FRAME: BLACK Frame is INCLUDED. FRAME SIZE: 27.2'' x 27.2'' x 0.4cm (69 cm x 69 cm x 1 cm) READY TO HANG
TITLE: ''Two Wishes'' PAINTING SIZE: 13.4'' x 21.3'' (34cm x 54cm) FRAME: BLACK Frame is INCLUDED. FRAME SIZE: 18.5'' x 26.4'' (47cm x 67 cm x 1.5 cm) MOUNTING BOARD: WHITE mat: 1.2'' (3cm)

Friday, August 14, 2015

Seascape‬ Abstract "Melody of the Sea"

Happy me, ‪‎happy‬ ‪clients‬, too! :) ...I woke up with new ‪‎order‬ and I will go to bed with another one! :) I'm glad that my ‪minimalist‬ ‪‎abstract‬ ‪painting‬ "Morning Silence" and my ‪seascape‬ "Melody of the Sea", found ‪new‬ ‪homes‬ in ‪‎NC‬ and ‪VA‬, ‪‎USA‬! ....Seems will be ‪‎busy‬ ‪weekend‬, again! :) More abstract paintings and minimalist prints on canvas here.

Minimalist Painting, White Abstract Art "Morning Silence"

Although my mobile phone was switched off at the night and Ι couldn't hear the sound of "Cha-Ching" (when I have a sale :) )..., I'm happy to wake up with new order and read wonderful words from someone, who can't wait to get his painting! Many thanks to the buyer from NC, USA! I will keep painting and I will continue make other people happy! :) Prints are available here:

Monday, July 27, 2015

''Burning Sensation'' - Abstract Painting

Thanks a lot Paul F. Lenzi for the future and the wonderful poem under my abstract painting in your blog ''Poesy Plus Polemics'' So many wonderful comments compliment my "Burning Sensation"
- "Wonderful poem, the flames consume what they love…" - " Beautiful art – and nice poetry smile emoticon " - "Love song triumphant" - "... the best thing I’ve read of late here on WP and away from here" - " Evocative poem, great lines! - "Inspirational one" - "Amazing." - "You warm me all over." - " Great image. And the words are up to the task Illuminating an insight, a mental rendering. Marvelous." -" a force that is difficult t control" ...... The Prints of my SOLD Abstract Painting ''Burning Sensation'' are available in my Etsy Store:

Monday, June 8, 2015


Enjoying my ‪‎morning‬ ‪coffee‬, I'm so pleased to see my ‪name‬ ‪‎featured‬ as ‪ARTIST‬ OF THE ‪‎WEEK‬ in ‪Artfinder‬ - a site with more than 6200 artists from 96 countries from around the world! !!! :) What a wonderful start of the week!!! Happy ‪new‬ week to all of you!!! :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Wow! Only 2 days after I opened my second ‪‎shop‬ in Artfinder, I'm from the MOST ‪‎FOLLOWED‬ ‪ARTISTS‬ RIGHT NOW!!! Good ‪‎luck‬ to my ‪‎minimalist‬ and ‪landscapes‬ ‪#‎photographs‬!!! :) Love ‪artfinder‬!
I'm still one of the MOST ‪FOLLOWED‬ ‪ARTISTS‬ RIGHT NOW in ‪Artfinder‬ with more than 100 ‪followers‬ for only 3 days!!!....I just wish to have time to upload more ‪‎works‬:)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My ‪‎feature‬ with my ‪huge‬ ‪Mixed Media‬ ‪painting‬ '' ‪Future‬ ‪Developments‬ '' in the ‪Catalogue‬ of the ‪‎First‬ ‪World Art Dubai‬ , who took ‪place‬ in ‪Dubai World Trade Centre‬ (‪‎DWTC‬), ‪Dubai‬, ‪UAE‬ from 8th-11th ‪Apr‬ '2015
Advertisements‬, ‪art‬ ‪flyers‬ and ‪‎tickets‬ for ‎World Art Dubai‬ '2015 (‪DWTC‬, ‪‎Dubai‬, ‪‎UAE‬)
My updated ‪art‬ ‪flyers‬ for ‪‎WorldArtDubai‬ '2015 I will need ‪new‬ ‪update‬ for my ‪‎next‬ ‪‎exhibition‬, as the most ‪‎paintings‬ on them are not ‪Available‬ anymore. :)

Sunday, April 5, 2015

''The Future City'' - My Contemporary Abstract Mixed-Media Painting in the CATALOG of WorldArtDubai' 2015

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy 1 Apr, Happy New Month!!! Health, love, inspirations, good luck and many sunny smiles!!! :) And if you are in Dubai (UAE) during 8-11th Apr and you wish to send you invitation for World Art Dubai 2015 VIP event, which will take place in Dubai Trade Centre, please contact with me, or feel free to register here! No, it's not a joke!:)
OPENING TIMES 8 April 04:00pm - 09:00pm 9 April 04:00pm - 09:00pm 10 April 12:00pm - 09:00pm 11 April 12:00pm - 09:00pm

Saturday, March 14, 2015

World Art Dubai‬ '2015

I can't wait to take ‪‎part‬ of ‪World Art Dubai‬ '2015!!! Good luck to all ‪‎exibitors‬!!!
World Art Dubai, Inspiring Lifestyle with Accessible Art – is a new accessible art fair created to bring together regional and global artists and galleries with Dubai’s international community. A unique fusion of art, education and entertainment, the debut of World Art Dubai reflects the city’s growing prominence as a leading culture and arts hub The inaugural World Art Dubai will house an affordable collection of several hundred modern, contemporary and fine artworks comprising paintings and prints, photography, sculpture, installations, performances, mixed media, new media and street art – presented by international and local artists and galleries from across four continents. World Art Dubai offers the Middle East’s only art fair to cater for all art lovers, buyers and collectors.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Preparing for World Art Dubai '2015

20°, Perfect day for varnishing outside on this huge abstract painting, which will be exhibit in World Art Dubai at the next month.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

''Dreaming of Spring'', Floral Abstract Art, Colorful Flower Painting

''Dreaming of Spring'' and outside is already spring! One of my recently colorful floral abstract painting with gorgeous details and wonderful rainbow color palette will be source of joy, light and relaxation in your home! Available at ARTFINDER Title: ''Dreaming of Spring'' Demensions: 100 cm x 54 cm x 4cm (39.4 in x 21.3 in 1.6 in) The painting may be hung either vertically or horizontal. Ready to Hang, (Stretched Canvas on 4 cm wooden frame) with painted sides like the painting rainbow colors. You can hang it on your wall, when you receive the painting. Not needed to do anything. Just to hung on your wall and enjoy it!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Opening Days, PAF11, London, Chelsea Town Hall

Opening Days of PAF11 (Parallax Art Fair) at Chelsea Town Hall in London!!! ♥ I had an amazing time and thank you so much for everyone's wonderful words, compliments, love and support! ♥ It fills me with inspiration to keep creating! ♥ Thank you!!!