Saturday, March 26, 2016

My artworks off to California, The Nederlands, UK...

Before couple of days, I sent these beauties to California! Many thanks to all my customers and artlovers from Foster City, Bay Point and Simi Valley!!! Deeply appreciate it!!!
My "Obsessive Dreams" and my "Endless Passion" ready to be stretched!
...and they are already stretched (Ready to hang)!!! Different sizes of these prints on canvas of my original abstract paintings "Obsessive Dreams" and "Endless Passion" are available here:
Stretching of "Turquoise Dreaming"!One Spa Salon in Kansas City and two new homes in The Nederlands and United States are waiting for their turquoise art on their wall!!! ✈ Thank you so much, again Tracy, Stefanie and Deborah!!! Deeply appreciate it!!!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Before ship them to their new home!

A typical International Women's Day for a female Artist!:)
More of my Originalart and Prints on canvas can be found here:
My beauties are off to their newhomes at Ireland, IN and TX, USA!!! ✈
"The Wall of Mystery"
My Minimalist Abstract Painting "Starry Night" ready to be shipped to its new home in london, United Kingdom!!! 💞
Thanks a lot to my wonderful artcollectors from CA, NJ and MN, USA!!! Hope you enjoy my creations!!!
Off to TX and NJ, USA! ✈